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Rs. 19,999/-( Govt. Fees and taxes )

  • NGO  Deed Drafting
  • NGO Deed registration
  • NGO Registration No.
  • PAN .
  • Bank Account Opening Template.
  •  First Year Compliance.
  • We also provide IT expert to develop your business website (Excluding package Fee)


Pre-requisites for Trust/NGO Registration Process.

 Obtain a DSC which is a digital signature, it’s required for because trust/NGO Registration forms are filled online and require to be signed digitally. The certificate of a digital signature is issued by a government recognized agencies for certifying. The cost of vetting a DSC is variable upon the certifying agencies. You must get either a class 2 or the class 3 category signatures of DSC. Under the class 2 category, the person identifying is verified against already verified data where as under the class 3 categories, the identifying person is supposed to present himself before trust registration to prove his or her identity for NGO Registration.

Another is an application of Director Identification number. Also known as DIN which you need to apply for proposed directors of the supposed company. The application for allotment of DIN needs to be made in a form “form DIR-3” you must attach a scanned copy of necessary documents. Such as:-

  • Self attested PAN number copy
  • Identity proof of directors
  • Address proof of directors along with the form attested by a practicing professional like a chartered accountant or a company secretary or even a cost accountant.
  • And submit these online on the MCA portal.

What Are the Forms Required for NGO Registration.

  • INC 1- for approval of the name
  • INC12 – for issuing a license as sec-8 Company.
  • INC 13 – memorandum of association.
  • INC 7 – for incorporation of the company.
  • INC-22 – registered office of the company.
  • INC -12 –for an appointment of the directors.