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About our company

Indiatax’s is an online business service provider as helps individuals like you and me e-file our income tax returns. Fully functional and operated By IGTC NETWORK under Collaboration with between IGTC ECOMM SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED AND INDIA TAX INFO PRIVATE LIMITED. We will prepare your income tax return for you automatically. We promise that the whole process will take within a 15 minutes. We are cordially dedicated to helping people easily start and grow their business smoothly as an affordable cost range. We are helped to start and operate thousands of businesses venture by offering a range of business as well services. We are also to help the entrepreneur on the legal and regulatory requirements, and be a partner throughout the business growth cycle, offering support at every stage to ensure the business remains compliant and continually growing business cycle.We are also specially provide services for families to help them with a wide range of legal and regulatory problems.We will prepare your income tax return for you automatically. E-file their income tax return in the shortest time while maximizing their tax returns
Provides organizations a cloud based platform to file TDS returns and generate Form 16 for employees
Designed for Chartered Accountant firms to help their clients file their tax returns and TDS returns.

Why you chose me as your partner ?

We are large online Legal Technology & CPA firm that helps entrepreneurs register and manage their business around the pan-India. Whether you are starting a new business or already an established firm, Indaitaxs has out of the box ready-made solutions for you. We help you define and execute key growth hacking strategies, deliver a great product & service practical experience, bring new products and services to the market, and secure funding. From strategy review of a Business and development to hands-on implementation, we help Entrepreneurs achieve long-term business growth.

Why we are the Best ?

We constantly challenge each other to make sure we’re giving you the best service we can. Does it work for you?
Does it work for us? Are you getting more than you expected? Only when the answer is yes, are we happy.

Why we to provide Best experience ? .

We can’t give value to all unless we have confidence in our systems and processes. We need to be sure that everything we do, including our advice to you, takes into account recent legislation and practice. We achieve this through regular professional training for our people and independent ‘best practice’ reviews.Quality crucial to a successful working relationship. We have put measures in place to ensure that our teams use the same processes, materials and technical data and are in regular communication.Through best practice and consistency, we strive for perfection. That’s why we’ll always ask for your feedback and use it to make next year’s work even better.